We've developed a range of products based upon our own needs which we'd like to share with other schools. -- Rob Carter (Headteacher)

Online Lesson Observations


Online Lesson Observations is a cutting-edge tool that combines the traditional paper based lesson observation with powerful web-based technology for a new, unprecedented insight into learning and teaching in your school.

Replacing paper with power

Teachers at all levels undoubtedly recognise the importance of monitoring and reviewing teaching practices within any school, to continually raise the standards of education provided but also to encourage the process of professional development and self-evaluation required to make an outstanding teacher.

Online Lesson Observations replaces the traditional paper based method of observing teaching by utilising the power of technology, through a system specifically designed in schools for schools. Teachers and leaders at all levels can harness the power of the system through a secure, easy to use interface, enabling them to monitor and improve learning and teaching across the curriculum.

Observation Form

Sharing excellent practice

All teachers are observed using the same Ofsted criteria. This criteria includes guidance to help ensure teachers are observed fairly and consistently. The Ofsted criteria provides a benchmark for standards within schools and using it helps better prepare staff for an inspection. The system may even be used to provide corroborative documentary evidence, during an inspection, of the quality of learning and teaching in your shool.

Utilise the expertise and skills of your best practitioners by encouraging them to help less experienced or underperforming teachers. Identify trends such as a need for training (deliverable through Inset days, one-on-one coaching or workshops). Online Lesson Observations can help promote a healthy culture of supporting each other. Teachers with exceptional teaching practice can be identified and rewarded through the system.


Monitoring and professional development

OLO provides documentary evidence of good teaching practice over a period of time, culminating in a history which can be used when corroborating one’s application for new positions within the school or ourside the school, furthering your career and raising the quality and standard of teachers. Exemplar teaching practice in turn helps to attract strong and inspiring teaching staff who are to be in an environment focused on success. This helps the staff team to commit to sustaining and improving the “diet” in the classroom.

Both senior and subject leaders can use Online Lesson Observations to identify areas of weakness early on and develop appropriate and effective strategies for dealing with those areas. They can provide additional support where needed, helping to raise staff morale. This will enable the right balance of support and challenge.